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GoPro issues huge price drops across its range

Image: GoPro
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Image: GoPro

If you're looking for an action camera, now is a good time to get one, with GoPro announcing permanent $100 price drops across its range.

GoPro has traditionally been the premium action camera on the market, but in recent years it has come in for increased competition from Insta360 and DJI, both of which have designed some incredibly good alternatives.

Now, GoPro has decided to restructure its pricing system. For example, the company has now eliminated the discount that was once given if users subscribed to the GoPro subscription service, and has effectively made the old subscription offer price the new default. GoPro's founder and CEO, Nick Woodman has stated, "Pandemic-related challenges forced us to raise prices, but now those pressures have eased and we’re stoked to make the insane performance of today’s GoPro more accessible for everyone.”

Price drops seem to be a consistent $100 / £100 / €100 across the board, reversing the increases that were imposed due to Covid.

What that means here in the UK is that you can now purchase the HERO11 Black for £399.99, the HERO11 Black Mini for £299.99, the HERO10 Black for £349.99, and the HERO9 Black for £249.99. Additionally the HERO11 Black Creator addition is now £599.99.

The only camera not to receive a price drop is the MAX, which retains its £479.99 price point.

The subscriber service is meanwhile receiving an introductory offer of £24.99 for the first year, with subsequent years being priced at £49.99. Subscribers receive the following benefits:-

  • Unlimited cloud storage of your GoPro footage at source quality and resolution
  • Automatic footage upload to the cloud from your GoPro camera while it’s charging
  • Automatic clearing of your camera’s SD card once upload is complete
  • Automatic highlight videos sent to your phone
  • Premium manual and automatic editing tools in the GoPro Quik app
  • Up to 50% off on mounts, accessories and lifestyle gear at GoPro.com
  • £100 discount off your next GoPro, available at your first annual renewal
  • Guaranteed damaged camera replacement
  • Live streaming via GoPro.com

Final thoughts

With the cost of living crisis likely having a large impact, particularly on consumer goods, now more than ever, potential buyers will be eyeing the market with a much closer eye when it comes to pricing. The incredibly capable DJI OSMO Action 3 is now priced at £309, or £399 for the Adventure Combo, while the Insta360 ONE RS is priced at £234 for the basic 4K Boost option.

This does mean that the flagship GoPro cameras are still priced at a small premium, but these new price changes mean that there is no longer the big jump in price from its competitors that there once was, making the brand more accessible to new users.

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