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DJI branches out into portable power stations

The new DJI Power 1000 and Power 500
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The new DJI Power 1000 and Power 500

DJI continues its program of repurposing its core drone technology into other areas with the release of two new portable power stations.

The new Power 1000 & Power 500 from DJI provide power to common household devices and superfast charging for DJI drone batteries. Drawing on over a decade’s worth of battery research and development, the two devices can be fully charged in just 70 minutes, fast charge DJI drone batteries and meet the power demands of common household appliances.

The DJI Power 1000 has a battery capacity of 1024 Wh and weighs 13 kg with the smaller, compact DJI Power 500 at 512 Wh and weighing 7.3 kg; they can provide maximum power outputs of 2200 W and 1000 W  respectively. Both units can be fully charged in just 70 minutes or, if you’re in a rush to get out, charged to 80% in just 50 minutes.

Here’s a table that indicates how many times you can power up different appliances.

dji power use cases

And when it comes back to its core market of drones, with the help of separately-sold charging cables, DJI reckons its drone users can fast charge selected DJI drone batteries with the DJI Power SDC super-fast charge function and be up in the air within approximately 30 minutes (from 10% to 95%). Using just three drone batteries and a DJI Power portable power station, creators can enjoy a full day of flight and content capture, without power concerns getting in the way of creativity.

Different charging methods are supported too, depending on circumstance, though there is often an accessory needed to support them. 

dji power banks solar

If an electrical device is connected to a powered-on DJI Power 1000/500 via the AC output port and both are receiving power, the unit defaults to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) mode. This means that in cases of sudden power outage, the connected device (or devices) will continue to receive power from the DJI Power 1000/500 within 0.02 seconds. During recharging, the Power 1000 is being advertised as quieter than most household refrigerators at 23 dB.

The full list price of the Power 1000 is $999 and the Power 500 is $499. Both currently have 30% off introductory deals on them.

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