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Phish drives Sphere Las Vegas visuals to new heights

Pic: Alive Coverage
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Pic: Alive Coverage

Phish's current four-night run at Sphere Las Vegas might only be a tenth as long as U2's mammoth residency, but the band has taken the Sphere's massive interior curved surface and done extraordinary things with it.

The pics and excerpts of footage from extraordinary cult band Phish's first night of a four-night run at Sphere Las Vegas, are enough to make us realise that any full length concert video the band produce out of the experience is going to be absolutely mind-blowing.


Pic: Alive Coverage

There's a bit of a theme developing here already. Dead & Company, the band made up of former Grateful Dead members, is the next band booked to play the venue. Which suggests you need the well-heeled fan base that will buy the tickets, the money to commission the visuals to make the most of that 160,000 sq. foot, 16k x 16k LED screen, and the audience that will, let's say, appreciate the finer details of some exceedingly trippy visuals.


Pic: Alive Coverage

And if that sounds snippy, it's not meant to be. Consider it a function of booking our flights back from Vegas and NAB 2024 a day too early and still being rather annoyed about it. All we can hope is that more bands decide creating a Sphere experience is worthwhile and that April 6-9 2025 is free in their diary. We have a wishlist. No, not you Coldplay...



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