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Cinelive showcases monster state-of-the-art Broadcast Truck

Zack Pittman shows us around the giant new CineLive Broadcast Truck
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Zack Pittman shows us around the giant new CineLive Broadcast Truck

One of the hits of this year's NAB Show was Cinelive's immense new Broadcast Truck and, as our quick tour shows, modern OB trucks designed for cinematic multicam capture are quite different beasts to their predecessors.

Zack Pittman, the President of Cinelive, offered an exclusive tour of the vehicle, showcasing its capabilities for multi-camera capture, professional color grading, and more. A highlight feature of the Cinelive Broadcast Truck is its 4K full HDR color stations, setting the standard high for visual excellence in broadcasting. Each monitor setup is calibrated to ensure color accuracy, with dedicated shading stations for precise control.

Cinelive has integrated high-end Sony displays for critical tasks while utilizing ASUS monitors for multi-view stations. These ASUS monitors, known for their exceptional performance and affordability, offer a stunning 4K HDR view at 1000 nits, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious professionals. Even the audio specialists in the truck's dedicated audio room benefit from ASUS OLED monitors.

Special thanks to Cinelive Broadcast for the unforgettable tour—it was truly a highlight of NAB 2024!

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