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VEGAS Pro 21 update: New AI-powered features & more

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NAB 2024 is in full swing, and VEGAS Pro 21 is receiving a significant update that includes new AI-powered tools, perpetual license holders will get access to VEGAS Hub features, and an all-new Text-to-Video feature currently in beta.

Since the team at VEGAS Creative Software began regular updates of their ubiquitous NLE, there have been many new features and improvements added. As NAB 2024 steams on, here are some highlights they have announced with Update 3.

  • AI Text-Based Editing: This new beta feature works hand-in-hand with VEGAS’ Speech-to-Text tool, and analyses dialogue spoken in footage to create a transcript. What’s really cool is you can delete part of the text (or cut and paste it) and VEGAS Pro 21 will automatically edit the clip to match the transcript. And of course, if you’re editing the footage in VEGAS Pro 21, the transcript will match the clips. Keep in mind this is still in beta, but the team plans on having this be added as a new feature to VEGAS Pro 21.
  • AI Smart Mask 2.0 Plugin: The sequel is even better than the original. The plugin utilizes AI to look for and identify objects in a video and create an accurate mask. You’ll be able to create as many as eight separate masks plus add tracking. VEGAS Creative Software says you’ll be able to replace the background of a clip, regardless of whether you filmed it with a green screen or not. I’ve seen this in action and it’s pretty cool and handy.
  • VEGAS Hub Features were once only available to those with a subscription. But now they’re available for those who hold a perpetual license. Some of those features include downloading VEGAS Content, using Media Share, both the Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text features, and more.
  • AV1 GPU support, which VEGAS Pro decodes with the power of the GPU on hardware from NVIDIA or AMD. You’ll be able to play back and work with the AV1 footage without a problem, even at full frame rate. 
  • Optimized GPU support for AVC and HEVC clips, so playback is smoother with consistent and higher frame rates.
  • HEIC/HEIF support thanks to VEGAS Pro’s native HEIC/HEIF decoder. This is especially useful if you want to add some clips to VEGAS Pro that were shot on a smart phone.

The new VEGAS Pro 21 updates look pretty cool, and my favorites include the AI-Based Text Editing, AI Smart Mask 2.0, and VEGAS Hub features now open to perpetual license holders.

Gone are the days of sporadic updates and fixes to NLE software as VEGAS Pro 21 continues to offer regular and substantial updates. Best of all, they’re free for subscribers and perpetual license holders.

Check out the VEGAS Pro site for everything announced in Update 3 plus full the feature list and pricing information. 

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