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NAB 2024: New tech surprises and industry updates

Chris demonstrates the working of robotic arms
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Chris demonstrates the working of robotic arms

NAB Show 2024 continues and Chris and Dave wrap up the highlights about gimbals, 8K Insta360 X4, robot arms, and the first joint appearance of Nikon and RED.

As the Tuesday of NAB wraps up, Chris shares his experience with the newly released DJI RS Pro 4 gimbal, which has left him thoroughly impressed. Designed for filmmakers seeking lightweight stabilization, transmission, monitoring, focusing, and control all in one device, the RS Pro 4 has become a standout product at the show.

Meanwhile, Dave introduces us to the upgraded Insta360 X4, now featuring an impressive 8K resolution. As the first consumer 360 camera to offer native 8K footage, the X4 sets a new standard for immersive content creation. With its compact form factor and versatile shooting capabilities, it can capture footage from all kinds of angles.

Another highlight on the show floor is the vast amount of robot arms, now easily controlled by different wireless computer systems. Once used only in high-budget productions, these machines are becoming increasingly accessible to filmmakers of all levels. Their ability to previsualize and map scenes in virtual space is transforming the way stories are brought to life.

And of course, all eyes are on the booths of newly conjoined industry giants Nikon and RED. Following recent announcements, attendees are all excited to see what the future holds for these two. While the vision for the future remains shrouded, one thing is clear: both Nikon and RED are well-represented at NAB, despite all the speculation and anticipation amongst the visitors.


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