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NAB 2024: goodbye to all that

When you realize its the last day of NAB...
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When you realize its the last day of NAB...

As the curtains drop on another exciting NAB show and the attendees pack up and head home, let's hear what Chris and Dave say about their last day at the show. 

For Chris, a first-time attendee, NAB 2024 was an exciting discovery. He was amazed at the opportunity to see cutting-edge products in action from the usual YouTube tutorials to real life demonstrations. The ASUS stand, in particular, offered a glimpse into the future with its 8K reference monitor. The vivid colors and crisp resolution left a mark with its visual experience, which you would not normally experience watching home from your 4K screen.

Meanwhile, Dave was amazed by the sheer magnitude of Canon's presence. "Canon has a massive stand here. You have to see it to believe it!" says Dave. Canon always impresses with its product lineup from a gallery of lenses to different camera figurations and virtual production solutions. You might never see some of these configurations, but it is exciting to see these rare finds in action and learn what kind of problem they are solving.

Amidst the industry giants, Chris also emphasized the importance of smaller companies and their niche craftsmanship. Take, for example, the smaller sound booths. These booths showcased innovative solutions to unexpected challenges, that resonate with the right people.

One recurring theme that stood out at this year's NAB was sustainability.  It's inspiring to witness sustainable initiatives shaping the future of the industry.

Thank you Chris and Dave for keeping up with NAB ;-)


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