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MAGIX launches Sound Forge Pro 18

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MAGIX has released a major update to its award-winning recording, audio editing and mastering platform for musicians and audio engineers.

Sound Forge Pro has been around for nearly three decades now, and in that time has earned a stellar reputation amongst musicians for its feature-rich applications for recording, in-depth waveform editing, audio restoration and mastering.

Sound Forge Pro 18 ups the ante with an impressive range of new features and high-quality effects, powered by advanced DSP algorithms, including:

3D Reverb FX: New 3D Reverb FX enables users to create virtual rooms based on the spatial arrangement of their tracks and elevate sound from stereo to 10 channels to explore new possibilities for sound design

AI-Powered Text-to-Speech: New AI-powered Text-to-Speech feature instantly transforms text into high-quality voiceovers and precise subtitles in up to 100 languages

Seamless Integration with Storyblocks: Storyblocks is now seamlessly integrated into the MAGIX Hub, MAGIX' online service for creative stock content. Sound Forge Pro 18 comes with access to an extensive library of professional, royalty-free assets including visuals and immersive soundscapes directly within the software

MAGIX also introduced Sound Forge Pro 18 Suite, a complete family of audio design tools for recording, editing, and processing audio files. It features high-quality plugins from MAGIX and industry-renowned partners, including iZotope Ozone 11 Elements & RX 10 Elements and Celemony Melodyne Essential 5. That means users get:

  • Mastering and restoration with iZotope Ozone 11 Elements & RX 10 Elements
  • VST engine & ARA2 support
  • dynamicEQ with oversampling (exclusive to the Suite)
  • 32-channel audio recording, editing and processing
  • Recordings with up to 64-bit/768 kHz
  • Countless audio effects and plug-ins for sound design, mixing & mastering
  • Celemony Melodyne essential 5 (exclusive to the Suite)
  • AI-Powered Text-To-Speech
  • Storyblocks Content

Which is a fair old list.

Pricing info is as follows:

Sound Forge Pro 18: Perpetual license $399.00; Upgrade license $199.00 

Sound Forge Pro 18 365: Monthly subscription $27.99; 12 month subscription $14.99 

Sound Forge Pro 18 Suite: Perpetual license $599; Upgrade license $299 

Sound Forge Pro 18 Suite 365: Monthly subscription $34.99; 12 months subscription $19.99 

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