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How to import and edit raw GoPro GPR images on iOS

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GoPro's take great raw images in the GPR format, but getting them transferred to Lightroom Mobile is pretty much impossible... Or is it?

We're not sure who's fault it is, but it whenever you try to transfer stills images from a GoPro to an iPad or iPhone, the GoPro Quik app simply won't transfer the GPR files. The JPEG files transfer just fine, but never the GPR files. Even if you have a USB-C dongle to connect the camera with a wire to an iPad and try to transfer using the built in Photos app, only the JPEG files are transferred or recognised.

It is a bit of a silly situation and we hope it gets sorted out soon. However, for those of you who have been tearing your hair out, there is a solution. It's a bit 'agricultural', I grant you, but it works.

How to import raw GPR files to Lightroom Mobile

The first step is to open the GoPro Quik app, and connect to your GoPro wirelessly to view its media. Now go to Safari and type into the address bar

This will display the contents of your GoPro's SD card as a webpage and you'll be able to see all the files, including the GPR raw ones. Now, tap on one of the GPR files, and you will get a message saying that it cannot be opened, but if you have Lightroom installed on your device you will see an option to "Open in Lightroom".

Go ahead and do this, and you can edit those GoPro raw GPR files without needing a laptop as an intermediary. I accept that this is most certainly not an ideal way of doing things, but as a stop-gap, until Apple lets iOS recognise and import GPR files, it will at least reduce stress levels for some of you out there.

Thanks to Will Helliwell for the this tip from his YouTube page.

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