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Avid intros new features in Media Composer and Pro Tools

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There is a lot happening at the Avid booth at NAB Show 2024, with new features in Media Composer and Pro Tools and an increasing emphasis on what its Avid Ada AI brings to the table.

Avid has been delivering adaptations of AI technologies for more than a decade, but NAB 2024 marks the point where it becomes front and centre of its approach and it demoes how its technology roadmap is accelerating new applications of AI that couple creative intelligence with a human-in-the-loop approach.

Demonstrations will showcase how Avid Ada is using the power of AI technologies to automate speech-to-text transcription, summarization, and language translation. They’ll also show the many AI-powered tools already in Avid solutions today – such as PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI in Avid Media Composer, facial detection and scene recognition in Avid MediaCentral, plus a preview of transcription services and recommendation engines.

The company will also be presenting the latest features of Media Composer, highlighting its open, collaborative, efficient workflows. Innovation demos will showcase Avid’s upcoming SaaS-based collaboration tool, which enables real-time collaboration with Microsoft Teams for virtualized edit sessions from anywhere. In addition, new workflow integrations will be featured from third-party solutions such as Autodesk Flow Capture and Doom Solutions, enabled by the latest Media Composer Panel SDK (Software Development Kit).

And on the audio side, visitors to the booth will also see Avid Pro Tools’ expanded features for dialog, re-recording, ADR, and mixing, with previews of several new features, including:

  • ARA integration of essential audio post plugins like iZotope RX, Synchro Arts VocAlign, and Sound Radix Auto Align
  • Dropbox Replay integration with Pro Tools to accelerate review and approval workflows
  • Best-in-class immersive audio workflows, including live re-renders for Dolby Atmos, leveraging Pro Tools’ internal renderer
  • Dialog workflow enhancements like track markers, memory locations, and more
  • Saving of Pro Tools sessions as Media Composer-compatible files, complete with sample-accurate volume and pan information, markers, and more
  • Drag and drop of Pro Tools sessions directly into Media Composer bins

Avid NEXIS has also deepened its storage support for audio production enabling multi-room facilities to work more seamlessly between rooms.

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