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Atomos shows off Ninja Phone and Sun Dragon HDR LED strip lights

Atomos LED Strips mounted on a Harley Davidson at NAB
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Atomos LED Strips mounted on a Harley Davidson at NAB

Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos, is back and showcases the latest innovations starting with the Atomos Ninja Phone, a versatile solution designed to elevate mobile filmmaking. We also look at Sun Dragon, the world's densest LED strip lights.

The Atomos Ninja Phone features HDMI encoding to ProRes, seamlessly integrating high-quality video capture on the move. With an additional USB-C port to accommodate a wireless mic, the phone gives you the full HDR capabilities from the Ninja lineup. Users can now share and stream content to any cloud service with ease. With an OLED display and a 1-million-to-1 contrast ratio, users get the most accurate viewing experience. "Now you're ready to record, monitor, and stream at the same time," says Young.

The device is available in June for $399, with an additional $59 for the case.

Continuing the tour, Young unveiled another groundbreaking product: the Sun Dragon HDR LED strip lights. Controlled, amongst other options, from the Shogun platform, these lights feature an impressive 2,000 lumens end-to-end, deliver color-correct light, are waterproof, and eliminate shadows for the ultimate lighting conditions. Complete with a carrier case that doubles as a diffuser, these wireless lights offer flexibility for creative lighting setups. Available for $999.

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