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AJA unveils Colorbox v2.1 for ultimate Color Science

Abe Abt showing us around AJA Video booth
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Abe Abt showing us around AJA Video booth

AJA is known for pushing the boundaries in color science. Abe Abt, Senior Product Consultant at AJA, took us on a NAB 2024 booth tour through the latest evolution of color science: Colorbox v2.1.

Colorbox has been used in the industry for a while and is essential in major productions like The King's Coronation. Now, with version 2.1, AJA is raising the bar even higher. One of the most exciting updates is the inclusion of Emmy-awarded LUTs, providing users with unparalleled color accuracy and fidelity. We covered this more closely here.

For those working in color grading, ACES workflows are the standard. With Colorbox v2.1, AJA fully supports ACES color workflows, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with industry standards. Colorbox also becomes the first device capable of unpacking AMF (Academy Metadata Format) files, opening up more possibilities for color workflows. Now, users can easily incorporate AMF files into their projects, enhancing efficiency and flexibility.

Monitoring just got a whole lot better with Colorbox v2.1's built-in 4K to 1080p downgrade feature. No 4K display? No problem. With this new feature, users can still enjoy accurate color representation in HD mode, ensuring consistency and precision throughout the production process.

Watch the rundown below.


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